Seton in the News, #ThrowbackThursday 2006:

Van patrol from Seton House goes looking for young people in need


THIS LATE Wednesday afternoon, the van roamed East Ocean View Avenue in Norfolk – past half-million-dollar houses, snow-white picket fences – and made a right onto the shaded bay streets. It slowed near a park, the driver barely glancing at the four boys shooting hoops.

They are not the kind of kids the van stops for.

Jonathan Williams turned onto Pleasant Avenue and spotted three police cars idling ahead, near a crowd of children. As soon as he stopped, the knot of dusty tennis shoes and bikes flocked toward Williams and his partner, Priess Skinner. They jumped out, popping the hatch.

“What’cha got today?” one boy asked



Williams dug into a Crock-Pot of pasta, and Skinner reached for cups and jugs of Kool-Aid as the kids chattered about a fight. Between a man and a girl. They think. Something like that. A teen brunette rolled up on a bike, sweaty tendrils flying, her cheeks red.

“My best friend, her mom kicked her out,” she said, as Williams handed her punch.

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