Seton Youth Shelters Begins Year Long Celebration For 30th Anniversary

Seton Youth Shelters, a Virginia Beach-based 501(C)3 non-profit organization, that exclusively offers assistance to youth between the ages of 4-21 through its two shelters, Mentoring Children of Prisoners Program, and Street Outreach programs. Every year in Virginia Beach, 2,500 runaway reports are filed. With many area shelters accepting only adults over the age of 18, Seton Youth Shelters offers a critical support to the sometimes “invisible” population of homeless youth and teen runaways. Darla Bardine, Policy Director of the National Network for Youth states, “Roughly 550,000 youth in America are homeless for more than a week every year with estimates of 1.68 million youth experiencing a day or more of homelessness every year.” Bardine continues, “Runaway and homeless youth are targeted by and vulnerable to those who want to harm and exploit them because they are unprotected, abandoned and longing for someone to love them. Within 48 hours of being on the streets and homeless, an adolescent is likely to be approached by someone that wants to sexually exploit them.”

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