Street Outreach Program

Our Street Outreach Program (SOP) conducts direct street outreach to youth up to 18 years old throughout Hampton Roads, serving both Southside Hampton Roads and the Virginia Peninsula. Our Street Outreach Program includes Van Outreach, Safe Place services and Special Outreach Projects. The Street Outreach Program offers onsite crisis counseling, crisis intervention, immediate access to emergency shelter for 9-17 year olds and intensive support services. In addition to these crisis services, our Van Outreach component provides food, clothing, hygiene items, and written information. Our street-based education serves as prevention activities and includes topics of child abuse, substance abuse, human trafficking, homeless and runaway services, and community-based referrals, connecting to youthStreet_Outreach and their families to medical, mental health, substance abuse treatment, human trafficking and homeless youth and family resources in the cities where they reside. Each Street Outreach Van is a mobile Safe Place Site and our trained Street Outreach Counselors serve as the Emergency Response Team, responding 24 hours a day to youth in crisis who seek help during any Street Outreach activity or contact Seton Youth Shelters through our 24-hour Hotline 757.498.HELP.

Special Outreach Projects are street Outreach activities available to youth and adult audiences where our staff are able to schedule informational presentations and conversations about any and all Seton Youth Shelters and Safe Place services.

Seton Youth Shelters is the only emergency youth shelter in Hampton Roads. For many years families who experience a homeless crisis have sought a safe haven for their children while they regain a new home for their family. Seton Youth Shelters provides that safe haven, meeting the all of youth’s basic needs, 24-hour staff supervision, parental access to maintain the parent-child relationship, facilitates continued education in the public schools, individual and family counseling and case management to assist the youth and parents connection to needed services. Additional Street Outreach Crisis Intervention Services (accessed through our 24-hour Hotline) include intensive support for homeless families with children 9 up to 18 years old by offering transportation to our shelters for families who do not have transportation and seek a safe place for their children to stay while the parent secures new housing.